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Collaboration & TFP

May 11, 2020

I am looking for people to create unique projects.

If you are a makeup artist, stylist or model and you are interested in working with me TFP terms.

I’m not just looking for creative people like me, I’m looking for people interested in what we all do. Therefore when you reach out to me (or any experienced creative) for a TFP you MUST show a portfolio / website

I regularly test, collaborate & do TFP, and like all creatives, my time is not free or unlimited, photography is expensive so TFP’s & unpaid collaborations must have mutual consideration.

TFP/Trade Model Photography Contract

These images can only be used for Social Media, Website, Portfolio & Personal Usage. No Monetary Exchange. If used for any digital, print or online publication. Photographer must be credited as”Photographer” & also notified via email, text or phone call. I am at least 18 years old. I have read and I understand this agreement, and am competent to execute it.

download contract

This is how a collaboration should work. Both parties bring something to the table, there was an agreement on who did what, ideas were bounced around and the end result was hopefully a great photo shoot.
In my case, I am giving my time & product (studio setup, photo-shoot. Post processing, images) and a model is giving me their time, looks & skills.

Let’s do creativity together!

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